Comprehensive Brisbane Car Detailing Services

Whatever your car cleaning needs, we’ve got you covered with a cost effective service. We have created some value packed package deals, each one providing a different mix of our services to give you the option to choose a service that will suit you the best.

Take a look at the range of car cleaning services we provide below, then check out our great value package deals to choose a car cleaning service that will suit your needs.

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Exterior Car Cleaning Brisbane

Exterior Car Detailing

Is your car’s exterior in need of a good clean? Is the outside of your vehicle covered in bugs, dirt, grease and road grime? Then you have come to the right place. Our exterior car detailing service will have the outside of your vehicle looking great in no time!

Our external car detailing service begins with the use of our specialised bug removal spray that will help remove all dead bugs from your car’s grille, bumpers and paint work, then we will fully clean the outside of your car will a high grade wash and wax solution to removal all dirt, grime and grease from your paint. We complete the service with a full chamois dry to prevent water droplets from causing unsightly dirt rings after they have dried.

Have the inside of your car looking great with our Brisbane interior car detailing service

Interior Car Detailing

After time and neglect, the interior of a vehicle can need a thorough clean to remove the accumulated dirt, dust, litter, finger prints and odours that occur from normal use. Why do this back breaking chore yourself when there is a company that will come to you to do the job for you?

Our comprehensive clean of the interior of your vehicle will comprise of a full vacuum of all carpets and floor mats, the vacuum of all fabric upholstery, the removal of all dust from your car’s dash, gauges and sills, as well as leather or vinyl upholstery, the emptying and cleaning of the ashtrays, a full clean of all interior glass, and top it all off, the application of our great smelling deodorisers.

Have the inside of your vehicle looking and smelling fresh with our great value interior car detail service.

Brisbane vehicle carpet and upholstery shampoo service

Carpet and Upholstery Shampoo

Sweat, spilled food and drinks, and ground in dirt, grease and grime can leave your vehicles carpets and upholstery looking soiled and dingy. Not to mention the odours that can occur caused by these foreign materials  breaking down over time and harbouring bacteria and other microbes.

Our complete carpet and upholstery shampoo of your car’s interior will have your vehicles carpets and seat coverings looking clean and stain free, as well as removing the elements that cause your car smelling musty and soiled.

Why spend your time in a smelly dirty looking car when we can come and have it looking as good as new?

Professional car polishing service Brisbane

Exterior Paint Work Polish

There are many factors that can leave your car’s paint work looking tired, which in turn can make your vehicle look older than it actually is.  Sun damage, scratches, scrapes, small accidents and general wear and tear are some of the reasons why the exterior of your vehicle could need a complete cut and polish.

Our expert exterior paintwork polishing service will restore your vehicles natural shine, as well as remove most signs of small accidents such as scrapes and scratches, leaving the exterior of your car looking like it did out of the factory!

Engine compartment detailing

Engine Compartment Clean

Over time, your engine compartment can build up an incredible amount of dirt that is not only unsightly, but can affect the performance and fuel economy of your car. Oil spills and leaks allow a perfect place for dirt and grit to stick to within your engines component. These build-ups require a lot of time and effort to remove as the heat from your motor basically cooks them to the engine compartment’s surfaces.

We have all the tools and experience needed to get your vehicles engine compartment looking as good as it did when it came off the assembly line.